SUSTAINABILITY, Let the Journey continue...

2012 Supreme Winner Sustainability Auckland Council

It feels as though we are starting, all over again, but really, it’s continuing the original journey along the pathway of sustainability. It's fueled by a passion for nature; just being in touch.  We are very excited about sharing our knowledge and understanding of what we have learnt over the years. While family is very important to us, so is our local community, and our country – New Zealand.  We openly welcome the concept of sustainable tourism; we see it as a wonderful opportunity of sharing knowledge, our love of nature and a chance to inspire others from not only New Zealand, but from many other overseas countries.

In 2007 I sent out a newsletter in our local area Paremoremo, Albany, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND which happened to mention the words, Sustainable Community’.  These were words that both intrigued and excited me.  Before long, I was connected with another ex-teacher from South Africa who had taught in very poor communities.  She empowered the people, (mainly children as many of the adults had died).  She taught them to become more sustainable through enhancing their knowledge and in teaching them practical skills.  We discovered we had shared ideals and through this connection I was impelled to connect with others who would help me to bring the ideology of a sustainable community to the small semi-rural suburb of Auckland.

The journey that was about to be embraced was based on an authentic connection with nature.  This is what underpinned a lot of what we achieved within the years that followed.  Sustainable Paremoremo was the vehicle that allowed for a community to become connected, with the natural environment being the catalyst for change.   We were subsequently well acknowledged in regional awards in 2010 and 2012.


In late 2012 my life went on in another direction, but never forsaking that wonderful connection with nature.    I joined Dave Milina, an incredible craftsman and stonemason and in 2013 we went into business creating exciting new landscapes under the name of Sustainable Landscapes.

When we initially got together we just knew that we had a joint passion of creating, especially with natural materials. Hardscape and softscape, (i.e. stone and plants) met together in harmony!  Together we have enjoyed creating natural landscapes for clients whilst in our spare time, we haven’t stopped.  We have been developing our passion, Warblers Retreat.

So, it is with great excitement we are now able to show and share some of the creations and workings of Warblers Retreat.  Recycling, up-cycling, growing our own food, enhancing the beauty and protection of the natural environment.   Let the journey continue…


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